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Eddy Current


Eddy Current
Magnetic Particle
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Application - Detection of surface defects in metallic components, cracks, pits, corrosion, changes in heat treatment, and conductivity.

Eddy current systems can also be used to measure conductivity and can be used for determining fire damaged areas.

Automated systems for the examination of aircraft wheels are not uncommon in aerospace environments.

Above - High Frequency Eddy Current Examination Of Fuselage Skin Window Cut Out.

Below - Typical phase Analysis Eddy Current Display.


bulletUseful for checking attachment holes for cracks which are not detectable by visual or penetrant methods.
bulletVery fast to use.
bulletVery portable
bulletCan test through coatings.
bulletCan test through different layers of multi layered structures.


bulletSensitive to combinations and variations in material.
bulletDifferent probes are required for most applications.





Last modified: January 20, 2016