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Penetrant Inspection


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Application - The detection of surface breaking defects such as cracks, folds, laps cold shuts and porosity.

Penetrant systems can be portable in the form of aerosol cans, or can be found in simple bath tank systems, through to carousel systems where components are automatically processed and presented for viewing.



Are relatively simple to use.

Below - Ultraviolet lamp used for fluorescent penetrant examination. In this example for the examination of an aircraft wheel half.


bulletNo special viewing apparatus is required with visual (usually coloured red) penetrants. Penetrants are ideal for examining large areas.
bulletFluorescent penetrants have high sensitivity and are easily developed in areas of difficult access.
bulletAre relatively cheap to use.


bulletComponents should be degreased before and after penetrant inspections.
bulletPaint removal is required.
bulletSome penetrants are difficult to remove.
bulletSpurious indications are possible from surface blemishes.
bulletSpecial equipment is required for fluorescent penetrant inspection.



Last modified: January 20, 2016